Get Started

If you’ve read a novel, you already know how to read the Bible! But a few tips might help . . .

  • Pick a translation that is easy to read like the New International Version (NIV) or the English Standard Version (ESV).
  • Select one book to start. If you’re new to the Bible, it’s best to start with one of the Gospels like Mark or John. These books are eyewitness descriptions of Jesus of Nazareth and the climax of the Bible. You might also enjoy Genesis or Acts to learn about the beginning of the world or the beginning of the church.
  • Read several chapters of the book at a time. (Don’t worry; Bible chapters aren’t as long as most novels!) If you only read one page of a novel per day, the story wouldn’t make much sense or be very fun. Same with the Bible.
  • Pay attention to the plot and characters. If there are things you don’t understand, set them aside for now and keep reading. Be on the lookout for humor.
  • Notice how what you’re reading makes you feel and the questions it raises. What do you learn about God and how he relates to humanity? How might God be speaking to you and your life?
  • Consider using our Discovery Questions. They're a great way to learn how to explore the Bible.