What If?

What if the one who made you would LOVE to talk with you every day, about big things and everyday matters? What if he gave us the Bible so he could do just that? What if there were an easy way to learn how to read the Bible and hear his voice?

What Would Happen?

Reading the Bible every day changes you. When Moses met with God personally, his whole face began to glow. Now, that probably won’t happen for you unless you're reading on your phone at night!  But, there’s no doubt that regularly meeting with God and aligning your life with what he says will change you

Would you eat food every day if it just left you hungry? Would you practice something every day if you never improved? Would you study something every day if you never learned? Would you contact someone every day if they never answered? Of course not!

Around the world, millions and millions of people read the Bible daily because it satisfies their hunger and improves their life and teaches them about God and his purposes. They call on God because he answers.

God sent his Word and it will accomplish the purpose for which he sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

You Can Do This

It’s worthwhile to read the Bible daily, but it’s not easy. If you find it hard, why is that? Is it hard to understand what you’re reading or feel like you’re getting much out of it? We can help with that!

Discovery Questions

Discovery Questions help you focus on what’s important. 

Discovery Questions are what we call “inductive”. That means the questions are written in such a way as to help YOU notice the details of what you’re reading—so YOU can see and hear what God is saying. The question isn't there to feed you an answer. It's there to point you in the right direction and then get out of the way so the BIBLE can take center stage.

The first question will help you observe what you're reading and be attentive to what God's Word actually says. The second question will help you interpret what you're reading and understand what God meant. The third question will help you align your life with God's Word and put into practice what you've read.

The best way to experience Discovery Questions is to try some! Take the next ten minutes and give it a shot. What if God has something to show you today?  


Mark 1:1-15

  • What do we learn about John the Baptist?
  • How does John prepare the way for Jesus?
  • How might you help prepare those around you to encounter Jesus? Ask God for an opportunity today.